Life is a trip!

Past Life Tour Guides Television Series

Past Life Tour Guides is being turned into a television series, including:

  • Full length scripted (fictional) television series (with over 200 episodes outlined!)
  • Short film series
  • Reality show

Stay tuned to learn more! 

Note: If you're a producer or have connections to help us get Past Life Tour Guides out into the world, Contact Us!









We Meet Again Book and Television Series

Brownell is also writing an exiting new book and television series called "We Meet Again." It's an epic mystery / love story spanning thousands of years. Brownell calls it "Outlander Meets The DaVinci Code with a splash of Thornbirds." 

Like Outlander, it's an epic love story spanning different time periods. Except this time it's multiple lifetimes!

Like The DaVinci Code, the story traces a mystery that started thousands of years ago!

And like The Thorn Birds, We Meet Again has hints of "forbidden love."

Interested? Contact Brownell to become a "First Fan!"