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Welcome to the Past Life Tour Guides Podcast!

Hosted by the incomparably talented Robin Alexis and writer Brownell Landrum, each episode includes a past life reading for one special guest each episode. We delve into the who, what, and where – but most importantly the WHY. 

Episode 1: Reincarnation of a Medicine Woman Bonus Episode: What is Reincarnation?
Episode 2: From Camel Trader to Hollywood Producer Guest Expert: Jim Matlock – The Science Behind Reincarnation
Episode 3: Family Transcends Lifetimes Bonus Episode: Dealing with Naysayers
Episode 4: Destiny Connects Souls Between Lifetimes    
Episode 5: Famous people who believe in Reincarnation    


The episodes are now available on the following podcast channels:

  • Apple Podcasts / iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • Google Podcasts and Google Play
  • Pandora
  • and check out our YouTube channel!