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Talks from Brownell covering a wide range of topics, from “What is Reincarnation?” to “Dealing with Naysayers” and more!

Bonus Episode: Cutting Ties with Chakra Cords – Meditation with Brownell Landrum

This chakra cord meditation can be used when you want to cut ties with someone who is no longer serving you. Does this mean that they are out of your life forever? No, not at all. It simply means that they won't be able to control you anymore. you'll feel free to make your own decisions. So, get comfortable, and let's cut the cord that ties you to that person.




Bonus Episode: Reincarnation Around the World

Would you believe that over 1.45 BILLION people around the world believe in reincarnation? And that's just the people who firmly believe! There could be twice that many! In this talk, Brownell Landrum tells us about reincarnation around the entire world. 

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Bonus Episode: Clearing Meditation

Sit down with us for a few minutes as Brownell Landrum walks us through a clearing meditation. You can use this interactive meditation any time you feel "weighed down" – or just as a pick-me-up. Even if you don't fully "believe" in either the physics or metaphysics of dark energies or "cooties," this exercise you will still feel lighter! Use as often as you wish – and feel free to share!

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What is Reincarnation?

Bonus Episode: What is Reincarnation?

In this bonus talk, Brownell Landrum answers the universal question, 'What is reincarnation?'

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