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Robin Alexis is a remarkably talented mystic and intuitive with clients all around the world. Robin's life purpose is to share her insights and wisdom with the people of this planet to elevate society to what she calls "cloud energy," a place of healing, peace, purpose, and love. 

During her first near death experience when she was three years old, she was told she would become a bridge between the teachings of her traditional upbringing in the Christian faith and the extraordinary world of connecting to higher-level spirit guides to help others.

Robin is the inspiration behind the magical children's story and film, Robin's Song. She is also the author of her autobiography: Robin's Song: Treasure Your Soul's Wisdom and a co-author/contributor to the book Raising Humanity.

Robin graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Kappa Phi from Plymouth University with a degree in Psychology.


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Success Stories

Dear Robin, Your talents amaze me every time I experience them, from past life regressions to DNA transformation, to your being a medical intuitive. Is there anything you can't do?
Dearest Robin, You have many incredible gifts that God has given you. You were able to ascertain within minutes that protective shield around me that looked like a broken fence. As you worked on this issue, I immediately felt like a new person.     
During my reading I told Robin about a relationship that I would like to heal and work on in this lifetime, but I felt there was a history from past lifetimes that has been hindering the progress in this lifetime. She was able to go into the Akashic records and we worked on the problem. I actually started to see some positive results from that work just a few hours later!
Dearest Robin, I feel so great after the session yesterday, I am in bliss and glowing~!