Life is a trip!

About Past Life Tour Guides

At Past Life Tour Guides we think life is a trip – literally. With our stories, podcast, videos, and other programs, we take you on a tour of one of the greatest mysteries in existence. One that some of the most brilliant minds in history have also explored, from Pythagoras and Socrates to Benjamin Franklin to General George S. Patton and more! Even Carl Sagan said reincarnation is a topic that deserves more investigation.

We think that stories about reincarnation and past lives are not only fascinating and illuminating, they're fun! Brownell has written several books, stories, and scripts on this compelling topic, and Robin is an exceptionally talented intuitive who has identified dozens, if not hundreds, of people's past lives. 

Our goal is to Engage, Educate, Enlighten, and Entertain. 

Thanks for joining us on our "trip!"   


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Why explore your past lives? 

Because it's fun! Not only that, learning who you were "before" can help give you gain valuable insight into your current lifetime. It can shine light on your talents and life purpose, explain some of the dynamics of relationships, and even help with diagnosing mystery illnesses. 

We believe that "everything happens for a reason" (Brownell even wrote a book about the "reasons why,") and therefore:

  • YOU are here for a reason
  • You are HERE for a reason! Here, at this site, reading this paragraph right now! Check out our podcast, social media, blog, articles, YouTube channel, Robin's private readings, and of course Brownell's books. 

Join us in our adventures!